Monday, June 18, 2007

Red River Rover Campout!!!

I went camping over father's day weekend with my old roommate Josh Harp. We had fun although we kept getting harrassed by some late night campers that showed up at our camp site twice within 15 minutes. We had a total of 3 visits to our site within the time we were there. Anyway, we found a great site by a tributary that we could drive the rover to. way off the main road and way cool for the night!!! No fish were to be caught on saturday though. that was a little bit of a let down... oh well!

Sleepy Time!


My is he getting old. It seems forever ago that christina kept making me feel her tummy worried that I would get to bond enough with Landon before he was born. Yeah, I didn't get into that like she did!!!

Landon has been a blast though ever since. He can crawl, climb, pull up to a stand, get in trouble and even learned how to clear a step this past weekend. Not to mention he is a bulldozer coming across the room!!! Stay out of his way or he will plow you down! the little bruiser!


Landon Eating Some Toast!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another New Addition to the World!!!

Mark and Paula Guthrel of St. Louis just had baby Brooke. She is a cutie! Good Luck Mom and Dad Guthrel!!!