Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mitch McConnell

Well, the boys and I took a field trip today to see US Senator Mitch McConnell who is currently running for another term in the senate. We started out without our stroller so we had to load up in the rover and head to the hospital to get it out of Christina's car. We drove all of the way up and down the garage before we finally found it parked next to the exit. Then we loaded up and headed back to Southland Drive up the street from our house. I am glad we drove due to the chilliness but the boys were very very good in spite of this. When we got there Mitch was inside and the building was packed... no room for strollers. So we stood outside for about a half an hour before we finally got to see and then meet the senator. He is not a big man and appears to be very quiet too... Oh, i almost forgot.... we did see Agriculture Richie Farmer and his family too. Here are some pics of the boys! We had fun!!!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Updated Pictures of the Boys...
Time again for photos of the kiddoes! Landon is now a whopping 2 years old and Jack has past the point of no return on the road to 1 year old (7 mos.) One boy was a great poser and the other didn't want to cooperate! I guess that son needs to watch some more Sasame Street on cooperation!!! :)


Monday, September 01, 2008

Some great Labor Day Pictures...

Christina does a great job as the stay-at-home mom when it comes to raising the boys and taking pictures of them in the act. Here are some good pics that she took over the last couple of weeks and this Labor Day weekend. We had a pretty good weekend and it finally felt like we had a weekend. Today was a nice break!

Check out the boys.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jack's turn to be the big man now.

Landon has mostly moved on to the big boy swing and Jack has found his place chillin' in landon's old swing. I must admit it is pretty great to see the two of them together in the swings. They sure are getting big too..... Christina can't stand it!!! Sorry Christina!



The boys watching Landon's favorite! "pops" and Big girls...


Landon Enjoying Some Water!

Here's landon playing with the indoor version of the sprinkler! My spray bottle. He had a blast as you can see!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here is a little video of Landon and Daddy!

Landon is sporting some shades and daddy is trying to use the webcam on the laptop. Check out the link.

Oh, and check this out.... I finally scored a home run! not in the way some may think though. I bought Christina an mp3/radio player for mother's day.... not such a great gift for her at this point in her life. However, i actually picked a gift that i thought she REALLY could use and would want! Thank God!!! i went on line and bought her a digital camera for the boys. When i got home and told her this she said did you get the kind i wanted? i said, "which kind is that?" then she said... you know, the Ashton Kucher camera. I said, "a nikon?" she said, "yes." i then told her that i did get her a nikon... just by chance. so then i told about it and that it was blue and so on and so on....... I couldn't believe that i finally guessed right!!! chalk one up for me! now i guess i have to start on the gift for the the next five years. anyway, fun fun fun!!!!


Monday, May 05, 2008

1st Family Photos

Well, the Perkins family finally sat down for its first family photo! Mom and all of the boys got to be together in a photo that we needed to have taken for the baby dedication that Southland Christian is having on May 18th in the afternoon. The boys were pretty good the entire time. Jack "mr. smiley" wasn't feeling very smiley though when it came to picture time and Landon "wiggle worm" was all over the place as usual. If there was a stuffed dog or a block or lego to be found... well, he found them. He was good though. When we were reviewing the photos he kept running into other family's photo sessions but it was fun to watch him interact with the other kids. He plays well with others is definitely a good way to describe him...hopefully, Jack with love being around other kids just as much. Sometimes we feel sad for landon though now that he doesn't play in daycare everyday though. But, at least we know we are making a better decision by Christina staying at home with the boys!

It will be worth it some day soon! Check out the photos from saturday.....