Friday, July 21, 2006

To the ZOO!!!

We are heading back to the Promised Land (Missouri) this weekend. The drive is long and can be boring but at least the thousands of bugs smashing against our windshield will keep us entertained for a lot of the trip... This will be our baby Landon's first trip to St. Louis (I think) and the first trip to the ZOO! I am probably more excited than he is to get to visit the ZOO but what can I say? I am a kid at heart! And the Zoo is pretty awesome, not to mention that it goes with the animal theme in the nursery!!! :)


Jessica said...

what prompted this trip to the zoo?

Jonathan said...

well, we were thinking of jessica and all the time that I spent at the zoo as a child hearing dad talk about jessica's cousins and real parents. the chimps and orangutans... the one chimp at the zoo that really reminded me of jessica is the one named "Cinder". She is the naked chimp. She has no hair...this could explain why jessica isn't covered by thick dark hair!!! Cinder could be her real mother!