Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mitch McConnell

Well, the boys and I took a field trip today to see US Senator Mitch McConnell who is currently running for another term in the senate. We started out without our stroller so we had to load up in the rover and head to the hospital to get it out of Christina's car. We drove all of the way up and down the garage before we finally found it parked next to the exit. Then we loaded up and headed back to Southland Drive up the street from our house. I am glad we drove due to the chilliness but the boys were very very good in spite of this. When we got there Mitch was inside and the building was packed... no room for strollers. So we stood outside for about a half an hour before we finally got to see and then meet the senator. He is not a big man and appears to be very quiet too... Oh, i almost forgot.... we did see Agriculture Richie Farmer and his family too. Here are some pics of the boys! We had fun!!!


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