Friday, January 08, 2010

no no no... The Perkins family is still alive and well and busier than ever. And someday Christina will learn to blog and probably keep the site more up to date than ever with photos and videos.

The boys are doing well... listening is not their forte' however. And recently Landon has developed this urge to not want to leave the house! What's up with that? I saw the snow yesterday and couldn't help but want to get into it!!!

Baby to be Adelaide appears to be doing very well too! She keeps Christina entertained every evening. I personally don't see a lot of kicking and moving but have felt some... I am not too inclined to keep my hand on Christina's stomach all night long just to feel my little girl kick Christina! I know... i am a bad daddy!

We are enjoying the "winter weather event of 2010" as it was called by a reporter (2" of snow). And I look forward to the weekend and seeing the snow!


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