Monday, May 05, 2008

1st Family Photos

Well, the Perkins family finally sat down for its first family photo! Mom and all of the boys got to be together in a photo that we needed to have taken for the baby dedication that Southland Christian is having on May 18th in the afternoon. The boys were pretty good the entire time. Jack "mr. smiley" wasn't feeling very smiley though when it came to picture time and Landon "wiggle worm" was all over the place as usual. If there was a stuffed dog or a block or lego to be found... well, he found them. He was good though. When we were reviewing the photos he kept running into other family's photo sessions but it was fun to watch him interact with the other kids. He plays well with others is definitely a good way to describe him...hopefully, Jack with love being around other kids just as much. Sometimes we feel sad for landon though now that he doesn't play in daycare everyday though. But, at least we know we are making a better decision by Christina staying at home with the boys!

It will be worth it some day soon! Check out the photos from saturday.....


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