Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here is a little video of Landon and Daddy!

Landon is sporting some shades and daddy is trying to use the webcam on the laptop. Check out the link.

Oh, and check this out.... I finally scored a home run! not in the way some may think though. I bought Christina an mp3/radio player for mother's day.... not such a great gift for her at this point in her life. However, i actually picked a gift that i thought she REALLY could use and would want! Thank God!!! i went on line and bought her a digital camera for the boys. When i got home and told her this she said did you get the kind i wanted? i said, "which kind is that?" then she said... you know, the Ashton Kucher camera. I said, "a nikon?" she said, "yes." i then told her that i did get her a nikon... just by chance. so then i told about it and that it was blue and so on and so on....... I couldn't believe that i finally guessed right!!! chalk one up for me! now i guess i have to start on the gift for the the next five years. anyway, fun fun fun!!!!


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