Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Dentist...

I went to the Dentist Tuesday for a cleaning... a long over due cleaning. I have learned to prepare for the dentist in advance. Your best bet is to bone up on golf, basketball or football before you go. Well, I thought I would take a guess at what sport he was going to talk to me about while he cleaned and I thought, "hmmmm.... it is base ball season so I think I can find some stuff to talk about-base ball." Boy was I wrong the second he starts working he starts going on and on about UK's new Basketball coach Billy Gillespie and all of his recruits that are going to sign on at UK this year. Who knew? I just can't ever predict it! I think I have him figured out and then NO!!! Anyway, no cavities!

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Jessica said...

That's funny! I used to pretend to be interested in sports and then I decided that was dumb.