Monday, April 23, 2007

The baby finally got what he wanted and his wife even suggested an upgrade. What a woman!!!
It is a beast of a motor, eh? It has a 4.0 liter V8. Yes, a gas guzzler...yuck. Maybe one day they will be able to adapt it to run on hydrogen!?!! HA!!! not in my lifetime that is.
We bought the Rover on ebay last weekend after a couple of weeks hunting for good deals. The vehicle seems to be in awesome shape for its age and price. The catch is that I have to go pick it up...
It is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At least this is closer than the first Rover I looked at. The other was in Ashland, Massachusetts; 14 hours away. At least Philly is only 10 hours away and I will have companionship. No not my wife and child... they aren't able to make such a crazy trip... but my old roommate Josh Harp. He said that he would ride back with me and help me with the driving if I bought his plane ticket. We decided that it might be worth it. So, now I have a travel buddy.

We leave Saturday morning and arrive in Philly at 11am. The dealer picks us up at the airport at least. This will be one exhausting weekend for everyone I am sure.

Next on the Rover agenda is fixing the glitches and saving for a light/push bar and driving lights. Christina and I are in the process of deciding what to do with my Geo Prizm now too. She made a comment about keeping it the other day but we are still a little torn. You hate to get ride of a great car because you wanted something newer and different. You know.

Note to MoM: Come on up sometime and we can take it for a cruise!


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