Monday, April 09, 2007

Flash Backs!!!

They drive me nuts!!! I can't wait to get back... to Deutschland that is. I can't wait to show Landon where his family is from and how beautiful the German Alps are. What fun! I know this is a random thought but I was scanning through some old photos from when we lived in STL and I started getting sentimental, not to mention missing the airline miles, ca-ching$!

Life in Lexington is well, but I always want more........ I just can't be content according to Christina!
Anyway, who is that stud by the Maibaum? Hmmm........


Jessica said...

No one seems to know when the first Perkins arrived off the boat and from whence they hailed. We've been here so long that we Perkins' have become a melting pot ourselves! You'll have to take Landon on a world-tour for him to see where his family is from!

Jonathan, Christina and Landon said...

I hear you... we are officially MUTTS!!!!!!!!!!